About our Program

HUB managers use this space to fully explain the details of the program. Once the HUB ordering days, deliver and pickup days & times have been determined, you will want to publish those details here. Use this space to explain how order shortfalls work (House Credits), description of seasonal registration fee, etc.

Why Choose Us

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Company Profile

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The purpose of our company is to provide our members access to nutritous, natural, locally grown and raised foods by supporting sustaining local family farms.

Farm2uOnline.com is a network of local food hubs connecting communities to local farms and food producers. A typical hub connects just a few hundred families with 25 or so local farmers providing a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown and raised in-season products. We only source foods from locally owned family farms and independent small businesses whose prices reflect the real cost of production and distribution, excluding costly overhead, marketing and transportation costs built in to typical retail pricing.

In some respect this is similar to a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture), however, membership is more affordable, product variety is greater, and there are no minimum or required orders. Members enjoy easy access to nutritious, locally grown and raised food products throughout the year based on seasonal availability.

We encourage you to join our network and experience the benefits of local foods. If you are not already a member, please go back to the HOME page and sign up.