Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting our Farm2uOnline.com demonstration site. We provide this demonstration site to help prospective HUB managers and potential participating farmers learn more about our business and to see how our site operates. For straters, all Internet content is easily editable by the HUB manager to customize and brand the site for their locailty.

From here you can browse the tabs or Log In as a hypothetical member.

To Log in click on the Log In button below and use Login ID sally@me.com and the password sally. If you log in be sure to visit the SHOP page (you will notice you have house credits to hypothetically order products).

Thanks again for visiting. Contact George at George@farm2uonline.com for details and information to start and own your own farm fresh food HUB.

What We Offer

Use this space to explain the program to your prospective customers. You can provide ordering details (for example, members can order Monday-Friday and pick up on Saturday), comments about the wonderful food products members will have access to, or other details.

Space is unlimited.

"Support the local economy. Buy great tasting, locally grown foods through Farm2UOnline.com/demo."