Farm2uOnline is excited to be a front line participant in the "local food" revolution. We provide the tools, technology, expertise, support and back office services to help individuals start and manage their own local food HUB. And we do this at an embarrassingly low rate. Bottom line is, we help enterprising individuals establish and run their own local food HUBS using our efficient, convenient, proven, profitable, turnkey model.

Our concept is simple ... we seek out and enable entrepreneurs to connect local farmers and small enterprise owners with families and individuals in their communities, and sell their seasonal products directly, bypassing institutional middle-men and corporate markups.

Producers (your local farmers and small enterprises) sell their products online on a web site very similar to this one, spend less (if any) time at farmer's markets, and benefit from the power of the local economy. Farm2uOnline members enjoy access to the freshest, healthiest, locally grown farm products every community has to offer. And you, as the HUB manager, make it happen.

Click here to visit and log in to our Demonstration Site to experience typical shopping, producer, and location pages.

Thank you for supporting local food.

What We Offer

We at have developed a truely turnkey enterprise solution and help enterprising individuals start and run their own local food HUB. We help you locate and engage local growers and small enterprises to sell their products through your HUB. We help you generate members from your local community who will buy from your local growers and small enterprises through your website. And we support your enterprise operations throughout. We:

> set up and maintain your website and database,
> train you to manage inventory updates,
> set up and manage credit card authentication,
> administer banking, accounts receivable & payable,
> generate sales and management reporting,
> provide customer support, and
> make you successful

Starting, managing and running a Farm2uOnline local food HUB requires dedication, time, effort and energy. And with our tools, experience and support, we think this is a great enterprise. If you think this may be something of interest or need more information (like pricing, start-up, etc.) send an email to or go the the Contact Us page and send a message via the web Contact Form.

"Support the local economy. Buy great tasting, locally grown foods through"