About our Program

Membership in Farm2uOnline.com gives you access to farm fresh, locally grown and sourced food throughout the year. Members select and securely pay for in-season products during the weekly open ordering window, Friday 6PM - Monday 6PM and pick up their orders at Petro-Bankhead Shopette located at 1337 Bankhead Hwy, across from Barnes Sporting Goods on Wednesday between 5PM and 7PM. The weekly cycle repeats throughout the year. A 6-month membership is $25 during our Sign Up Special, there are no minimum or maximum orders, and product availability is always clearly indicated on the ordering pages.

From time to time member's orders may not be entirely filled due to unexpected events such as weather changes, crop damage, quality shortcoming, or other unanticipated events. In these rare cases we immediately credit the member's house account with the full amount of the unfulfilled product(s) and can be applied to a future order, or send a refund check, (we do not maintain credit card information and therefore can not generate a credit back to a member's credit card).

Why Choose Us

Think of Farmu2Online.com as being the first in line at every seller's booth at a local farmer's market. Product availability is exactly what you see in our ordering pages and is based on local seasonal output that local farmers personally produced and harvested. Product pricing is competitive and clearly marked. There is no pressure to buy and there are no minimums. Our producers typically harvest their products at the end of the ordering cycle and deliver the freshest, most nutritious products to members within days of ordering.

Company Profile

The purpose of our company is to provide our members access to nutritious, natural, locally grown and raised foods by supporting sustaining local family farms.

Farm2uOnline.com is a network of local food hubs connecting communities to local farms and food producers. A typical hub connects local families with the highest quality, natural food producing local farmers providing a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown and raised in-season products. We only source foods from locally owned family farms and independent small enterprises whose prices reflect the real cost of production and distribution.

In some respect this is similar to a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture), however, membership is more affordable, product variety is greater, and there are no minimum or required orders. Members enjoy easy access to nutritious, locally grown and raised food products throughout the year based on seasonal availability.

We encourage you to join our network and experience the benefits of local foods. If you are not already a member, please go back to the HOME page and sign up.